Volatility alert for 2024-06-07 12:30

Non Farm Payrolls

The table below summarizes how the volatility of each instrument is expected to change during this news event.

Symbol Normal Movement Range Movement range during US Non Farm Payrolls
GBPUSD 30-50 pips 64-128 pips (154.51%)
USDCAD 23-38 pips 52-108 pips (180.66%)
EURUSD 21-35 pips 54-99 pips (179.90%)
NZDUSD 17-28 pips 45-85 pips (195.57%)
AUDUSD 19-32 pips 48-99 pips (201.36%)
USDCHF 19-31 pips 51-95 pips (199.21%)
USDJPY 26-49 pips 79-177 pips (257.12%)

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