Autochartist Web Components

Autochartist Web Components

Autochartist Technical Analysis

Autochartist Technical Analysis are technical trade setups that Autochartist has automatically identified using Technical Chart Pattern Analysis and Statistical Analysis. Autochartist identifies Technical Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Horizontal Support & Resistance levels, and extreme market movements. Use this information to identify market trends and reversals.

Autochartist Our Favourites

The Autochartist Our Favourites represent the highest probability trades, selected based on their historical performance. Probabilities are calculated based on the symbol, time of identification, and pattern type. Use this information to identify the highest probability market trends and reversals.

Autochartist Volatility Analysis

The Autochartist Volatility Analysis tool provides a comprehensive view of the expected price range movement of the selected instrument. Autochartist measures and presents this information in 3 time formats; daily, hourly, and in real-time. You can use this information to decide which instrument to trade at a specific time of day and set market-appropriate exit levels.

Autochartist Economic Event Analysis

The Autochartist Economic Event Analysis service provides traders with information on how upcoming economic events impact financial markets. Before an economic event, the service offers multiple scenarios based on whether the actual data is above or below the consensus. Once the economic data is released, only the most appropriate scenarios are displayed.

Autochartist Risk Calculator

The Autochartist Risk Calculator tool assists traders in setting appropriate position sizes based on stop-loss levels and risk tolerance. This tool is used to manage over-exposure that may result in significant losses.

Autochartist Stock Valuations

The Autochartist Stock Valuation Reports tell you if they are stocks are over valued, under valued or of fair value.
The reports are downloadable, in PDF format. It would take you forever to go through all USA stock earnings reports, Autochartist has unleashed its computing power to Analyze and make sense of Stock earnings releases of S&P 500 listed companies.

Autochartist News Sentiment

The Autochartist News Sentiment is a groundbreaking tool designed to transform traders’ interactions with market news.
Analyzing sentiment across major financial news sources offers actionable insights, enhancing trading strategies and broker services.