Can it help Forex and Stock Trading ?
Autochartist - How does it help?

Autochartist is the worlds first MT4 market scanner and most widely used Expert Advisor and chart analysis platform

Can it help Forex and Stock Trading ?

Autochartist has more than one million active users.

AC is available free  from selected leading Brokers or by subscription from – The only accredited provider of Autochartist

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Can it help Forex and Stock Trading ?
How can Autochartist help Me

Autochartist - Can it help ?

Autochartist - Can it help Forex and Stock Trading

Can it predict market movement ?

NO ! No one can !

Can it help Forex and Stock Trading ?

Take for example the recent Covid pandemic,  Political decisions, Wars or even climate events.
These factors (and many, many more events) have influence on market movements.
Another factor is “BIG MONEY” – Big money can influence the supply and demand for currencies and stocks.
Most Traders Loose money, that”s a fact – Autochartist offers you the means and tools to beat the odds.
Many of the worlds Leading brokers offer Autochartist FREE. They do so to help and retain Traders. If used correctly Autochartist is the most powerful Chart analysis and EA with millions of users world wide

Autochartist - Can it help ?

What can Autochartist do for me ?

Autochartist - Can it help Forex and Stock Trading

The EA, Autochartist, can Help in many ways.

To begin with you need to understand what AC offers.

Firstly it scans the markets for daily movements –  (minute by minute). It has collected this data for more than 10 years. Its algorithms take this data and identify Chart Patterns. These Chart Patterns, depending on the pattern, have different and unique trading methods. These trading methods are monitored and have a varying degree of success – from 60% to in some cases 80%. 

We can say that they identify Trading Opportunities   

I use AC but i often loose Trades

Why do my trades go south

Well we know with Blackjack we draw cards till one of two things happen. Either we “Bust”  or we get a higher score. Only at this time does the dealer “Play”. In many cases we loose without the dealer even playing.

In many cases we set a stop loss only to be “stopped out”

Many Traders blame the broker for manipulating the market. This is simply not true – Regulated top Brokers do not do this .

Other Forex or Stock Traders blame AC – AC said there is a probability of the market going up or down “but it went the other way and I was stopped out.”

Autochartist can help you  with this as well. Take for example you open a trade and decide I am prepared to loose 10 USD and set the stop loss at that position. This is a sure way to be stopped out.

Market volatility needs to be considered. The stop loss should be set OUTSIDE this range. But this will result in a loss of much more than $10

Well this may be true but the solution is in your lot size. AC’s risk calculator will help you set the lot size to ensure your loss is limited to your $10 acceptable loss with a minimised risk of stopping out.

This alone should increase the sucess rate of your trades.

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What does Autochartist offer ?

Chart Analysis

Trading Oportunities

Volatility Analysis

Risk Calculator

Market Reports

Valuation Reports

Economic Calendar

Mobile App

Meet some worlds leading brokers that offer Autochartist FREE

They Believe In Us

Autochartist at your finger tips

Trading Signals & Volatility analysis.

Autochartist gives traders access to opportunities that have the highest probability of hitting the target forecast. Every opportunity is evaluated against past performance with respect to the pattern type, the instrument and the time of day it was identified.

The Autochartist Mobile App is available for iPhone/iPad as well as Android devices.

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