Volatility alert for 03 Jun 12:30

Non Farm Payrolls

Be very careful of upcoming volatility following United States Non Farm Payrolls news event later today. We expect a large increase in volatility on the these instruments following the event release at 03 Jun 12:30 UTC:

The table below summarizes how the volatility of each instrument is expected to change during this news event.

Symbol Normal Movement Range Movement range during US Non Farm Payrolls
USDCHF 22-36 pips 35-46 pips (26.64%)
EURUSD 26-45 pips 46-51 pips (14.41%)
NZDUSD 21-34 pips 39-57 pips (66.65%)
AUDUSD 22-36 pips 37-54 pips (46.48%)
USDJPY 22-38 pips 42-52 pips (38.48%)
USDCAD 31-53 pips 71-114 pips (113.67%)