Upcoming volatility expected at 03 Jun 12:30

Unemployment Rate

United States is releasing its Unemployment Rate news event later today, and because of this we are expecting a large increase in volatility following the event release at 03 Jun 12:30. These are the instruments that may be affected:

The table below summarizes how the volatility of each instrument is expected to change during this news event.

Symbol Normal Movement Range Movement range during US Unemployment Rate
USDCHF 22-36 pips 35-46 pips (26.64%)
EURUSD 26-45 pips 46-51 pips (14.41%)
NZDUSD 21-34 pips 39-57 pips (66.65%)
AUDUSD 22-36 pips 37-54 pips (46.48%)
USDJPY 22-38 pips 42-52 pips (38.48%)
USDCAD 31-53 pips 71-114 pips (113.67%)