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Valuable aggregated Market
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Autochartist News Sentiment Analysis delivers
a comprehensive view of market moods on
currencies and US stocks, making complex data
accessible and actionable.

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  Autochartist News Sentiment  

Autochartist’s News Sentiment Analysis

A groundbreaking tool designed to transform traders’ interactions with market news.
Analyzing sentiment across major financial news sources offers actionable insights, enhancing trading strategies and broker services.

Market Sentiment Aggregation

Autochartist refines market news sentiment analysis by focusing on reputable news sources and filtering out irrelevant information to provide a comprehensive and unbiased view of market news sentiment on currencies and US stocks.

Prominent Sentiment Highlights

Stocks and currencies with the most extreme sentiments are prominently displayed, allowing for easy identification of possible market-moving opportunities on the horizon.

Streamlined Search and Filter

The user-friendly interface provides powerful search and filter options for sector-specific instruments and insight into sentiment trends over various time frames.

Bookmark Favorite Instruments

One-Click Trade Access Social Media Integration Personalized tracking of favorite financial instruments through bookmarks, facilitating quick access and efficient monitoring of preferred investments.


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