Indicators are written for NinjaTrader8 (NinjaTrader7 not supported)

We strongly recommend making a backup of NinjaTrader system before installing any 3rd party indicators and add-ons. Instructions of how to make a backup, instructions from NinjaTrader support –

To import indicators select Control Center -> Tools -> Import -> NinjaScript AddOn…, then choose the file with indicators and press OK

It will show an alert, press Ok

Instructions on how to import indicators from NinjaTrader support –

If you want to remove these indicators select Control Center -> Tools -> Remove NinjaScript Assembly, choose the string with Autochartist in the name and press Remove button


If there is no such string, then look at the page

or talk with NinjaTrader support directly.

Instructions how to work with indicators –, including how to add, edit and remove indicators.

To issue a NinjaTrader license for indicators we need Machine ID of user’s NinjaTrader instance. MachineID can be found in Control Center window, menu Help -> About.. -> Machine ID field.

User needs to have a valid CHARTVIPER subscription of Autochartist. User must enter his/her email in the field User Name and password in the field Password – these email and password are used to get access to Autochartist site. These are the only parameters for both indicators.

Indicators - Screen Shots




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