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It would take you forever to go through all USA stock  exchange reports. Autochartist has unleashed its computing power to Search, Find, Analyze and make sense of thousands of reports. With over ten years of Chart Analysis experience Autochartist is now able to provide you with the latest information of hundreds of reports at the click of a button.

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 Autochartist Valuation Reports

 ChartViper now provides our own Autochartist computed Valuation of each Company with indications of which shares are over valued, under valued or of Fair Value

 Autochartist Valuation Reports


All public traded companies in the United States are required by law to release quarterly financial reports. Reports are published and contain vital information about each company. Company and Earnings reports provide a balance sheet that are released at specified times.  These resources are listed in the online earnings calendar.

The releases impact heavily on the market and prices. In addition, these reports contain useful information about Earnings per share, Market Capitalization and many other factors.

 Autochartist has unleashed its computing power to Search, Find, Analyze  thousands of these US listed Company Reports.  We, at ChartViper can now offer the results of these analysis to provide you with comprehensive Analysis


The Autochartist Valuation Report provides or subscribers with all the basic information you would require for ALL US listed Companies. In addition it provides Top Level Financial Info such as Market Capitalization, Average volumes and last Dividend.

Not only this, Autochartist also provides the latest share price and Autochartist’s computed valuation. The Autochartist algorithm concludes whether the share price is over or under valued – Helping you make better informed trading decisions.

NOTE: Looking at historical data Chartviper and Autochartist cannot predict future movements. Our Reports and conclusions should be used in conjunction with your own Trading Strategy    


Autochartist Valuations provide graphical historical valuations and the last Quarter Valuations. These graphs help the understanding of trends, highs,lows and previous movements


Benjamin Graham Approach

Graham was the mentor to Warren Buffett and others as a principal of value investing. His formula for the value of a company is based on the future cash generating capability of the business. It uses EPS and effectively provides a way for determining the PE Multiple for the company using a formula based on the long-term growth expected from the company and how the return from the company compares to the risk-free returns available in the market at the time of valuation.


Autochartist Valuation Reports provide customizable Annual Financial Highlights for all US listed Companies.

Get Autochartist’s computed valuation and compare with listed prices to assist you in making more informed Trades

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